Today I decided to make some major updates to my website. It's been up a few years now, but with work, I never got around to making it what I wanted.

Ever since graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I have sought to remain independent when it comes to video game development. I always wanted to have full creative control. For this reason I have approached a number of various jobs that I felt I could do well at, would feel rewarding, and allow me the free time to work on my game design hobbies, and it has worked out fine. I have a number of prototypes and a finished a wave defense game (free to download in 'Games' section). My skills have grown over the years, and in spite of not having worked in the game industry, my skills have continued to improve beyond college.

I am currently seeking employment after my job unfortunately had to make lay-offs. This time around I will consider entry level game industry positions, even if it means I have to start off making prop models, I think I have been mistaken in the past in how I looked down at being a small part of a team. Even making models of chairs and cabinets can be rewarding when you are able to insert your creativity and vision into the development of it and you see the end result. Please take a look at the 'Art' section of my site to get an idea of my skills. I will try to keep it updated regularly.
















All art and concepts on this site by Matthew Wiese.